[Quibble] The word: Gang

咬文嚼字    Quibble
gang pic (Image credit: pixabay website)

I was checking internal PM slack channel, and fonud an acknowledging reply from our CEO to give credits of a great new feature to two colleagues: “Great work by @XXX, @YYY and the rest of the gang.”. The last word “Gang” immediately caught my attentation. I then searched it. As I read more of it, the more interesting I found this word is, and the more admiration I have for CEO’s use of that word in that particular context.

The wikipedia page of Gane(link) explains it as:

A gang is a group of friends or family with identifiable leadership and internal organization

It then further clarifies that the organization “identifies with or claims control over territory in a community, and engages individually or collectively in illegal or violent behavior.”

Gang was used in that slack reply to identify the rest of the team apart from the two noticeable contributors. The word for criminal groups was used in a wrong way, but in a similar context, to identify a group of members who share similar team traits as those gang members: united as one team, identifiable company leadership, identifiable internal organization. In addition, from first look of this word in this sentence visually, people would commonly know what it actually means and what it stands for here, and that is the beauty. The misuse would fresh people’s mind from some textbook word, and show that the author is a clever. talktive, non-boring person on the other hand.


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