DAVID's NOTES on open source projects

  • Pixel
    An image editor for iOS. Developed from CoreImage, this easy to user edittor easily present a fine designed and implemented image edittor for your app given UIImages of interest.
    Language    Swift
    Get started     7/10 - easy to use, simply construct a new instance and present the viewcontroller
    Active Level    4/10 - No active or delayed respones for issues, and use with caution
    Completeness    5/10 - Good quality overall, but performance is really bad

    Well-designed and implemented image edittor. Definitely worth a try, but performance is really bad.
    Icons, transitions, existing filters, and editting capabilities are definitely somewhat close to production
    grade on the suface. Definitely worth your try if you need an edittor quikly up and running - It is pretty 
    easy to integrate. Simply initialize a new viewcontroller (w/ photos/images of interest in UIImage form) and 
    present it modally.
    The performance is really bad. Presenting the edittor viewcontroller can takes seconds, and it crashes from 
    time to time. New SDKS coming up, it is unknown if this edittor still works, and if the performance continues
    to suck.
  • uroot
    A fully Go userland with Linux bootloaders! u-root can create a root file system (initramfs) containing a busybox-like set of tools written in Go.
    Language    Golang  
    Get started     5/10 - easy to use for people in the domain. But there is a steep learning curve for newbies. Dev and testing setups ideally need dedicated hardwares
    Active Level    9/10 - There are very active maintainers behind it. There are active engineers from Google and Facebook useing it and maintaining it
    Completeness    7/10 - There are obvious missing pieces (see issues list), but support for core use cases are there. As adoption spread over more places, more smaller pieces may get picked up and implemented

    Userspace software and toolkit fully in golang - lightweight, fast, more debugging-friendly. there is active support from Google, and Facebook. Worth trying, be cautious that this project is under fast iterations and watch out for interfaces changes, behavior updates, etc.
    See my post here for my experience with `uroot` -


DAVID's Music Appreciation

  • 句號 Full Stop

    by G.E.M.鄧紫棋

    Viral... single song all night
    时针滴滴答 你还记得吗 说句心里话 你还怀念吗