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title: 偷得浮生半日闲
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------------------------------- Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being
by Michael R. Solomon ![Consumer behavior buying selling being](/images/consumer_behavior_buying_selling_being.jpg) >消费者的心理是古怪而有趣的 >“三四十岁的年纪的人可能觉得我们在这个世界上是成功的,合格的消费者, 所以可能当我们去判断消费者行为和心理的时候会凭着自己的常识去判断。但是非常邪门的是:无论是我们实际做公司的过程中遭遇到的东西,还是我看到这些书上谈到的东西。你凭着一个正常的消费者的心理去判断群体的这种行为和心理的时候,经常会出现非常可拍的错误。” -罗永浩,2010罗永浩全国巡讲完结篇 @海淀剧院。

Me Before You
by Jojo Moyes
Book Cover | The movie :-------------------------:|:-------------------------: ![mbymovie](/images/me_before_you_movie_poster.jpeg) | ![mby book](/images/me_before_you_by_jojo_book_cover.jpg)
I have seen the movie (poster on the left) a while ago, and I accidently ran into a clip of the movie lately, which brought my attention to the book behind the movie.
How to be Critically Open-Minded: A Psychological and Historical Analysis
by J. Lambie
![how to be critically open minded book cover](/images/how-to-be-critically-open-minded.jpg)

some notes on the chapter: How is Human Progress Possible

No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington
by Condoleezza Rice
![condoleezza rice autobiography cover](/images/condoleezza_rice_autobiography.jpg) >"From one of the world’s most admired women, this is former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s compelling story of eight years serving at the highest levels of government. In her position as America’s chief diplomat, Rice traveled almost continuously around the globe, seeking common ground among sometimes bitter enemies, forging agreement on divisive issues, and compiling a remarkable record of achievement."
I have heard her name once within my current employer: ThoughtSpot. She was speaking a few times in my company hosted events and she came to our Heaterquarter once. Those brought her to my attention and I found her autobiography accidentlly in the books inc near standford campus, so I ended up starting reading her autobiography.

Difficult Personalities
by Helen McGrath and Hazel Edwards
![difficult personalities](/images/difficult-personalities-book.jpg)
(TODO: Xuehao) Finish reading and share post-reading notes here.

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title: 美(吃)食(货)笔记GourmetDiary
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不知何时开始热衷起了食物。求食之路上,这份热衷带来了好多有趣的经历,一些值得回味的品鉴,一些难忘的糗事, 等等。一来,任由我花去生命里的时间而获取的经历不了了之是一件颇为草率的事。再者,机缘巧合下我开始催促自己对点滴进行记录。 两方面不谋而合,我也就做了这的专题。所有的吃喝以后就都会被记录在这里。


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美食笔记 David's Gourmet Diary

1. 12/09/2017 小刘清粥,独自晚餐

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title: games
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The reason, and the only reason, or the only reason needed for having this page is: I love playing games. In addition, I have may engineer friends who also love playing games, and I haven't found a good place from friends' blogs that writes about games. With those considerations, I decided to have this page to write about my gaming experience and potentially recommend some new games I have heard or tried. Cheers.

*I have listed games by section, and individual posts regarding each game will fall into their own sections respectively.*
Brawlhalla Played; Know there is a decent amount of folks in college playing it.
To give you a sense of how this game plays, I have pasted a video down below from youtube. Trust me you will like it!

League of Legends 3 yeas of playing, as of 2017
I started my Lol journey since 2014, very few months before I came to US. I have got addicted to this game for years now, and will continue to play it when I have time. Highly recommended !
![Lol logl](/images/lol-logo-image.jpg)
Here is the 2017 All-star finals video I have found on youtube:

The top 5 champions I would recommend for new players

How would you play to win when you are the only one winning your lane, and all team mates losing theirs?

My experience of playing Rumble and advancing to highest level on this champion

Should I buy a skin?

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title: NPhotography
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I used to not believe in capturing and sharing any personal moment, either to show to friends or post on social networks. I don't actually remember when but I have rapidly changed my mindset on sharing and social networking in a more open way. This page in this blog, as part of my social network existence, mainly serves as a place where I would like to share my Nonprofessional-photography work. To share some of my views of our world with visitors; cheers.

<<Lands end at San Francisco>>
The "labyrinth sf" or the maze!
![the maze](/images/landsEnd_labyrinth.JPG) The better one I have found online looks like below:
![the better on](http://ww1.hdnux.com/photos/40/33/41/8501360/4/1024x1024.jpg) (Photo Credit: google search result; This is a direct url reference to original image host; All explanation rights reserved.)
I feel I had chosen great angles when taking those two photos.
![Lands End 1](/images/landsEnd1.JPG)

![Lands End 2](/images/landsEnd2.JPG)
The greatness of this one is that this photo captures an aircraft rising with white track left behind in sky, together with human on the trail at the bottom, which could create a peaceful feeling.
![Lands End 3](/images/landsEnd3.JPG)