Xuehao / David

"May the tests be with you"

I am currently working on some cloud compute products development at Google. In the past, I have worked on web, mobile, general dev & test infra (CI/CD), and various systems through various projects / gigs / jobs. I am generally interested in building technologies for meaningful causes.
email:  {first name, the longer one}.{last name}@gmail.com

Contact suggestions  
‣ Email is the best way to reach me.
‣ In general, I try to reply to as many emails as I can as long as it is from real people and for good cause.
‣ A short message will be helpful. A message taking more than 30 seconds to read is likely to be disregarded.
‣ Solicitations within following areas are more likely to be replied. Note that information security complaint will for sure be replied.
‣ Areas: 0) information security or copyright infringment complaint. 1) connect for general discussion around tech. 2) entrepreneurship. 3) we know each other before, reconnect now.
‣ What for sure will be filtered/ignored: automated emails, 3rd party recruiter solicitations.

Some facts about me
‣ I received my bachelor of science degree (major in computer science & minor in math) from Colorado State University Dec 2016. Go Rams!
‣ I jumped from 110th floor of a building once.
‣ In case you find it hard to pronounce my chinese name (SHOO-how HOO), I go by David.
‣ The most frequent edittor command I use on a daily basis is `:w` in vim - I find it annoying, and hope there is an auto-save soon.
‣ I once drove up south lake Tahoe, CA with a 2 wheel drive coupe, and got stuck in heavy snow for ~ 6 hours, and survived back to bay area luckily.

‣ For any good cause, resume is available upon request via email