[leetcode] - A solution to "Relative Sort Array"

A micro post of a solution to a coding problem - https://leetcode.com/problems/relative-sort-array/description/

Intuition: Sort with custom comparison function.

Details: python 2 sorted comes with a argument cmp and it takes a callable where we can define a custom comparision function. It takes two arguments which drvies from original list when python executes it. Then we implement it based on problem statement.

We record relative position of elements from arr2 in a key value mapping. Then simply comparing the index of each value we know which comes first. There are 3 simple scenarios we need to consider: 1) Both elements are from arr2, then we simply use their relative positions for comparison. 2) Both elements are not in arr2, then we simply use their literal value for comparison. 3) One of the two elements is from arr2, while the other are not, then we simply return a random position or negative value based which one is from arr2, to make sure the one from arr2 comes before the one not.

def relativeSortArray(self, arr1, arr2):
    :type arr1: List[int]
    :type arr2: List[int]
    :rtype: List[int]
    mp = {v:idx for idx, v in enumerate(arr2)}
    def rcmp(x, y):
        if x in mp and y in mp: return mp[x] - mp[y]
        elif x not in mp and y not in mp: return x - y
        else: return 1 if x not in mp else - 1
    return list(sorted(arr1, cmp=rcmp))
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